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Professional Photographer & Photography in Baton Rouge, LA

My name is Arielle Anders and I am a 2022 Business graduate from LSU. In 2013, my Mom was getting started in becoming a wedding minister and I took that opportunity to start wedding photography. Presently, Magnolia Ceremonies, my Mom's business, is the #1 wedding officiant service in Louisiana. Through the years I have done many weddings but I have now branched out to photograph engagements, maternity, babies, families, and anything in between! I have always valued the natural, raw appearances in my photos which means that I try to keep editing to a minimum and I always like "Keepin' it Natural."

Now I am also a professional wedding officiant and wedding coordinator.

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Congratulations! You are one step closer to starting your life with the one you love. What better way to commemorate this special event than with a photo shoot that depicts the genuine love and happiness between the two of you? Arielle N. Photography offers enchanting engagement sessions at a location of your choice in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, and surrounding areas, capturing the essence of love in stunning visuals. With an emphasis on personalized experiences, Arielle crafts intimate sessions that reflect the unique bond and story of each couple.


Now it is time for the biggest day of your life! Capture all the little moments of your special day whether you have an intimate elopement or a full-blown wedding. Arielle N. Photography offers exquisite wedding sessions across Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Covington, and neighboring areas, encapsulating the love, joy, and beauty of each couple's big day. Arielle N. Photography ensures that the essence of each wedding is preserved in timeless images, portraying the unique narrative of love and celebration, creating a lasting testament to the couple's union.


Capture the love and adoration you have for your soon-to-be newest addition! Arielle N. Photography presents heartwarming maternity sessions across Baton Rouge and nearby regions, celebrating the beauty and anticipation of expectant parents. Through her lens, Arielle preserves the tender moments and the profound joy, creating stunning portraits that beautifully commemorate the miracle of pregnancy and the excitement of awaiting a new addition to the family.


Time flies, so let's take precious pictures of your little one that will make time stand still. Arielle N. Photography offers heartwarming baby sessions in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, and surrounding areas, capturing the innocence and charm of your little ones in timeless portraits. Whether capturing captivating smiles, curious gazes, or the pure simplicity of gestures, Arielle's artistic vision ensures that these precious moments are immortalized as cherished keepsakes for families to treasure for years to come.


Capture real moments and real emotions in a raw and natural way that your family will treasure for a lifetime. Arielle N. Photography provides heartwarming family sessions in Baton Rouge and nearby areas, capturing the genuine connections and love shared among family members. With a warm and engaging approach, Arielle creates a relaxed atmosphere where natural interactions and authentic emotions unfold. Through her lens, Arielle skillfully freezes moments of laughter, tenderness, and joy, creating timeless portraits that celebrate the warmth and intimacy of family bonds, preserving these cherished memories for generations to come.


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